The division Grenadiers and Jaegers 1830/1831

grenadiersThis division was founded in 1829. The Grenadiers and Jaegers were destined to serve “under the King’s eye” which in effect meant they were garrisoned in both residences, Brussels and The Hague. On 22nd September 1829, the commander of the Grenadiers, at the Central Market in Brussels, received a banner from Prince Frederik. A batallion of Grenadiers and a batallion of Jaegers remained behind, the rest went to the original Oranje barracks in The Hague. A demand for admission to the Grenadiers or Jaegers was “good behaviour”. A good example for the entire army was needed. In August 1830 the division was called upon during the rebellion of Brussels and again in September in an attempt to get the city under control again, which failed. In 1831 the unit actively participated in the 10 Days Campaign and in 1832 in the defence of the Citadel of Antwerp.