English War

engelse oorlogEnglish War

The second English War started in 1665, Charles II of England who had ascended the throne in 1660, was doing his utmost to get William III appointed Stadtholder of the United Netherlands. This was seen in The Netherlands as a most unwelcome interference with internal politics. Beside this a massive conflict had emerged between the West India Company and the English African Company about control of the Gold and Slave trade on the coasts of West Africa. Dutch possessions like Guinea, America and Curacao were conquered by the English and later re-conquered by Michiel Adriansz. de Ruyter. The Second English War ended with the peace of Breda.

Attack on the MedwayDuring the war Michiel de Ruyter succeeded in sailing up the river Medway and defeating the English fleet at Chatham. The English flagship ?Royal Charles? was conquered and triumphantly taken to The Netherlands.