Blue Guard

blauwe gardeThe fourth regiment Dutch Footguards (1702-1712) a.k.a. Blue Guard Under king/stadtholder William III this regiment served in England as his personal guard. After William?s death in 1702, the regiment returned to The Netherlands and functioned as the backbone of the Dutch army during the Spanish War of Succession (1702-1712). In this Succession war the Dutch army was considered the strongest of Europe (times change). Especially the deadly and painstaking platoon fire (a Dutch invention) decided many battles. The fourth Regiment (Blue Guard, after the colour of their uniform) distinguished itself in the famous battles of Blenheim (H?chstadt), Malplaquet and Oudenaarde. Everywhere in Europe re-eanctment groups have taken this fascinating period on board. It is no surprise that the ?Blue Guard? has already received invitations to participate in events in Norway, Italy and even Ireland.