American Civil War

amerikaanse burgeroorlogUnion light artillery (1861-1865)

Union Light ArtilleryThe American Civil War is a period which has the interest of many re-enactors around the world. The battle between North and South continues to fascinate people, including members of our association. Many groups choose to portray Southern troops, which is a good reason for us to focus on the Northern or Union side of the struggle. Our group portrays and artillerie unit.

These Union troops were led by Captain Andrew Hickenlooper. This commander was of Dutch origin. His unit counted various Dutch emigrants and men of Dutch descent. This is the VLGN’s attempt to pull a piece of Dutch history in the American Civil War from forgetfulness. A total of 100,000 Dutch or men of Dutch descent fought in this war. Light Artillery indicated an artillery which could operate fast and could move with the armies in the field.