About the VLGN

The VLGN is a multi-period re-enactment society which focusses on the years 1568 to 1912. The VLGN participates in national events as well as international events. For more information, you can contact the secretary.

Active work-groups in the society are:

- Dutch Revolt (1568-1648),
- Blue Guard (5th Regiment Dutch Guards on foot, 1702-1714),
- 27th Jager, 6th Co. flankers (1815) ,
- Kingdom Holland 2nd regt. voltigeurs (1806-1810),
- American Civil War, Union Light artillery (1861-1865).

And two study-groups:

- English War (1665-1667),
- Grenadiers and Rifles Regiment (1830-1831).



Vision on re-enactment.

The Association for Living History in The Netherlands was founded with the intention to acquaint people in a vivid manner through demonstrations, bivouacs and other events with significant periods in Dutch and European history. In this way we hope to further the general public’s historical understanding.

Our aim is the reconstruction of drill, traditions and tactics of army units from a part of Dutch history, which is also known as the “black powder” period (1568-1912). The choice for this period was a conscious one as it gives us a vast array of possibilities to re-enact (important to a multi-period group), but does not force us to participate in full body combat, like in the Middle Ages, as we have insufficient experience. This choice also excludes WW II re-enactment, due to the sensitivities it may cause with surviving victims.

Although the association harbours separate working groups, we stimulate members to participate in multiple periods, in order to be as well equipped as possible for re-enactment. Military positions in all groups are open to women, with the proviso that they re-enact men and “femininity” is not taken into account where drill and other, possibly tough, parts are concerned.

The Association originates from a bunch of friends. The relaxed attitude and emphasis on fun and cosiness (while retaining some military discipline) that stems from this friendship we hope to maintain while the association grows.