What is reenactment

Main Entry: re?en?act
Pronunciation: "rE-&-'nakt
Function: transitive verb
Date: circa 1676
1 : to enact (as a law) again
2 : to act or perform again
3 : to repeat the actions of (an earlier event or incident)
- re?en?act?ment /-'nak(t)-m&nt/ noun

Or in plain language...

Reenactment: a phenomenon which is not known to everyone. The term excists of two parts, where 'enactment' is the most important. Put 're' in front of it and we have re-enactment. And that is exactly what all workgroups do with battles: reenact.

About the VLGN

The VLGN is a multi-period re-enactment society which focusses on the years 1568 to 1912. The VLGN participates in national events as well as international events. For more information, you can contact the secretary.

Active work-groups in the society are:

- Dutch Revolt (1568-1648),
- Blue Guard (5th Regiment Dutch Guards on foot, 1702-1714),
- 27th Jager, 6th Co. flankers (1815) ,
- Kingdom Holland 2nd regt. voltigeurs (1806-1810),
- American Civil War, Union Light artillery (1861-1865).

And two study-groups:

- English War (1665-1667),
- Grenadiers and Rifles Regiment (1830-1831).